For which sector you search granules?

Get to know our rigid and soft TPV, PVC, TPE granules that used in various sectors. We are able to produce our granules non-toxic, UV protective, fire protective, nitrile rubber containing, appropriate for food regulations, appropriate for REACH and ROHS standardizations in order to our customers’ needs.

Sectoral Products


Cable Sector

PVC granules for,

Power cables
Signal cables
Data transmission cables
Fire alarm cables
Audio cables
Lighting cables
Coaxial cables
Cables resistant to -40/-60 C
Cables resistant to +70/90/105/125 C
Cables resistant to water and salty water
Cables resistant to rodents
Cables resistant to chemical oils


Seal Sector

PVC, TPE and TPV granules for,

Gaskets for aluminium door and window
Gaskets for PVC door and window
Gaskets for wooden door and window
Gaskets for aluminium systems and facade
Dilatation gaskets
Any other type of rubber gaskets


Hose Sector

PVC granules for,

Garden hoses
Transparent knitted hoses
Apex hoses
Natural water hoses
Pure water hoses
Air hoses
Fire hoses
Shower hoses
LPG gas hoses
Hoses for washing machines and dishwashers
Milk hoses


Automotive Industry

PVC granules for ,

Automobile cables
Preserve cases for cables
Accumulator charging cables
Car mats
Side sticks of automobiles
Every type of injection automobile accessories used inside or outside


Footwear Sector

PVC granules for,

PVC shoe insole production
Soft PVC shoe insole production
Nitrile rubber shoe insule production
Nitrile rubber boots production
Transparent slipper production
Shoe ribbon production
PVC sneaker insole production


Various injected and extruded products

PVC granules for,

Fence production
Wheels used for transportation
Pushchair wheels
Various types of gaskets and pipe collars in construction
Accessories and products for toys
Non-toxical medical products
Plugs for electronical machines


Medical Sector

PVC granules for non-toxical medical products.

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